Ladies Auxiliary

Father VanRooy Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter


Co-President  Sue Andreski 
Co-President Sue Dansereau
Vice President Mary Jean Klass
Secretary Jan Trepanier
Financial Secretary Geri Overholt
Treasurer Irma Abbs 
Sentinel Mary Buda
Hospitality  Nancy Jacobs
Sunshine Twilla Vandenboom
Spiritual Sue Dansereau
Historian Lorraine Raeck
Publicity Ellen Czerwinski 
Trustees  1 yr Lorraine Raeck
2 yr Nancy Jacobs
3 yr Sue Savage

Your program for the upcoming year promises to be fun and exciting.  Feel free to bring guests to join us in the fun.  Dues continue to be $5 annually.  Father Ricky Varner is our Auxiliary Chaplin.  The only requirement for membership is a “catholic woman”.

Sept 25th – 6pm.  Past Presidents night and Tea Party.  The party willb e held at the club room at 1021 Woodside Ave., Essexville.  Invitations will be sent to our past presidents with an RSVP.  We are asking the ladies to bring their favorite salad, with the recipe and yur tea cup.  Lorraine Raeck will entertain with a trip through our past.

October 23rd – 6:30pm.  We will experience acupuncture and our speaker Julie Botimer will discusss wellness and alternative medicines and give a demonstration.

November 7th – 1pm.  Meeting *  Following a short meeting we will carpool from the K of C to visit Herb Lady in Midland

December 11th – Trip to Frankenmuth.  We will carpool from K of C and enjoy the decorations and visit the shops such as Bronners and River Place.  Ending our day with a delicious meal from Zehnders at 4pm.

January – No meeting.  Just a reminder about your dues Geri Overholt our financial securetary will take your $5 payment.  Her address is 899 S. powel Rd, Essexville, MI 48732

February 8th The K of C scholarship fund fish fries begin and run every Friday during lent.  Please continue to bring your delicious dessers to the club by 3pm on Friday.

February 26th – 6:30pm. Ladies meeting Club Room.  Making snowman Piece (RSVP earlier).

February – Early meeting to form the nominating committee.  Possible evening at the Bay City Players for the dress rehearsal of the play “The 39 Steps” a comedy written by Alfred Hitchcock.  More information to follow.

March 26th – 6:30pm. The first reading of nominations from the nominating committee willb eread.  Come for a night of pampering by a massage therapist.

April 12th – 41st annual Nins Night!  All are welcome.

April 23rd – 5:30pm.  Short meeting at the council Second reading and election of officers 6:30 pm.  Night at the GT homestead you need to preregister for this event.

May 21st – 6:00pm. Installation of officers for the 2013-2014 all areinvited to attend with yor spouse and guests.  Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass, meat beverages, and table service willbe provided for.  See you there!

Lorraine Raeck  1973-1974 & 1974-1975 & 1989-1990
Donna Badour 1975-1976 (Deceased)
Jan DeWyse  1976-1977 
Ilene VanOchten  1977-1978 
Rosemary Jonas  1978-1979 
Janet Trepanier  1979-1980 & 1980-1981
Namoi Johnson 1981-1982 & 1982-1983
Mary Dembowski  1983-1984 & 1984-1985 (Deceased)
Evelyn Lusher  1985-1986 & 1997-1998 (Co-President)
Alma Goulette  1986-1987 & 1987-1988 (Deceased)
Darlene Woods 1988-1989
Marge Duyck  1990-1991 (Co-President)
Carol Campaud 1990-1991 (Co-President) & 1991-1992
Lois VanSumeren  1992-1993 (Deceased)
Yvonne Johnson  1993-1994 & 1994-1995 (Deceased)
Andrea McDonald  1995-1996 & 1996-1997 & 1997-1998
Arlene Baker  1998-1999 & 1999-2000 & 2000-2001
Kathy Dansereau  2001-2002 & 2002-2003 & 2003-2004
Sue Dansereau  2004-2005 & 2005-2006
Jan Tacey  2006-2007 & 2007-2008
Susan Savage  2008-2009 & 2009-2010
Mary Jean Klass  2010-2011 & 2011-20012